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I have made the decision to become the director of technical marketing at Morpheus Data and I start that new position today. Morpheus Data is a company that I became aware of during Cloud Field Day 3 (CFD3) while serving as a delegate for the event. Cloud Field Day is one of several events hosted by Gestalt IT in which several vendors present one at a time to a group of IT professionals that ask questions and provide feedback about the presentations. I was intrigued by what was covered during the presentation as it is a product that is right in my technical wheelhouse.

What is Morpheus Data?

Let’s get the first question out of the way for those that may have never heard of Morpheus Data. Morpheus Data is a software platform that fits in the Cloud Management Platform (CMP) space and can be be used for a lot more. One of the fundamental challenges it helps address is the complexity of provisioning workloads, especially on-premises workloads that often require multiple manual hand offs between teams to fully provision a server. The Morpheus platform has over 80 integrations with common tools and platforms such as Ansible, VMware NSX, InfoBlox and more to tie together the various parts of an end to end provisioning workflow. In addition to provisioning the platform has a number of other features that provide organizations with a centralized platform to enable IT agility along with governance at an enterprise scale.

Why Morpheus Data?

One of the key value propositions of Morpheus Data is tying together disparate tools to help create business value. An aspect of technology that I enjoy most is creating complex orchestration workflows to solve complex problems. The broad number of Morpheus integrations allows me to tap into my varied experiences in IT and make use of the breadth of knowledge that I’ve gained during my career. In addition to the technical fit I like the opportunity that smaller companies provide to be able to wear a few different hats to directly impact the success of the organization. Something I took note of as I followed Morpheus Data from a far was the pace at which they were adding new features and capabilities to the platform and the ability to be able to speak to new and interesting things on a regular cadence is very appealing.

Why Technical Marketing?

The majority of my career has been spent as an IT practitioner in various roles from desktop support to architecting large automation projects. The last several years I have focused on sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained over my years in IT. I’ve blogged for a number of years and began speaking at tech conferences a couple of years ago so I’ve had platforms through which I was able to fulfill that desire. In my role at Morpheus Data I’ll be creating marketing content with a focus on the technical aspects of the product and partner integrations. This is a dream role for me as it forces me to continue to grow non hands on keyboard skills such as storytelling and written communication. This role also allows me to to focus on the strategic aspects of helping to grow a business.

I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to help grow Morpheus Data and the new challenge that I am about to begin.

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